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Bird Guards & Chimney Caps:

Susie Sweep can fit bird guards and chimney caps as required.
A bird guard is ideal if you have had experience of jackdaws nesting in your chimney or you have noticed they are in the area and you wish to prevent them nesting in your chimney.

A chimney cap can be fitted to disused chimney pots, they will stop unwanted visitors nesting in your chimney and will also help to reduce warm air from your home escaping.


Fitment of a stainless steel bird guard with a rain cap from £150. 

Fitment of a chimney terminal cap from £150.

Discounts may be given for multiple guards or caps on the same chimney or at the same property, please call or send a message for an estimate.

chimney cap bird guard

To book an appointment call 07979 541470

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