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Bird Nest Removal:

If you have had birds nesting in your chimney, then their nesting material will restrict your chimney and potentially cause a chimney fire.  

If you know or believe you have had birds nesting in your chimney, you must get your chimney swept before lighting a fire.  Susie Sweep can clear the nest and ensure that your chimney is free of all debris by checking with a CCTV camera.

Birds nests cannot be removed during the nesting season by law, this is typically between the mid-March and mid-August


Susie Sweep will clear a birds nest at a cost of £80 providing the nest can be fully removed and the chimney inspected with a CCTV camera within 60 minutes.  If it is going to take longer than this, Susie Sweep will advise you of this and any additional costs.

To book an appointment call 07979 541470 or send a message here

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